Mica Paper or Micanite paper  is manufactured from superior quality mica scrap as a principal raw material by calcined (thermo-chemical) and uncalcined (hydro-chemical) process in the form of continuous rolls. Mica Paper being an artificial mica-based reconstituted product, it retains the essential heat resistivity and electrical characteristics of natural mica. Furthermore, it is cost effective and more homogeneous having greater consistency of thickness and uniformity of properties.
Assorted configurations of bonding resins (such as shellac, epoxy, alkyd, silicone, etc.) and backing materials (such as glass cloth, polyester film, polyester fleece, polyimide film, nomex paper, kapton film, etc.) are used according to thermal insulation class and requirements as demanded by applications. Mica Paper has proved itself as a highly reliable product in place of conventional insulating materials to attract considerable attention and great expectations both domestically and internationally.

The product range :

Mica Paper Plates
MicaPaperPlates   Mica Paper Plates are manufactured from mica paper bonded with heat resistant silicone resin consolidated under controlled heat and pressure to form rigid plates. In this process, the binder is completely cured. Characterised by excellent mechanical, thermal and electrical properties. It emits very little smoke at excessive temperatures. It provides uniform thickness and excellent punching capability. Application : Ideally used in heating elements for domestic and industrial electrical appliances. Custom built fabricated parts are also extensively used in many insulating and thermal enduring applications.

Mica Paper Plate Fabricated Parts
FabricatedParts   We fabricate very high quality mica components at the industries most competitive prices. We custom fabricate our mica components to your exact specifications or samples with a strong emphasis on assuring the best quality and best accuracy. Whether your order is small or large, our turn-around time is short.

Mica Paper Plate Heating Elements
Mica shields   Mica Paper Plate or Heater Mica Plate are ideally suitable as base, support and covering plates for heating elements. They are the versatile solution for a number of domestic and industrial applications.Made of high resistance Nickel-Chrome (NiCr) or Ferro-Chrome (FeCr) wire winded around Mica Paper Plate. It is available in all dimensions, patterns and designs in different voltage and wattage as per specifications.Mica insulated heating elements have established to be a reliable performer providing long, efficient and dependable service life because of apparent distinctive thermal and electrical properties.
Mica Paper Tapes
papertapes   Are manufactured from mica paper to tape form and bonded with various heat resistive resins according to technical requirement and application. The tapes are reinforced with several different backing materials on one side or both sides. Depending upon the percentage level of binder present, these tapes are termed "Resin Rich" or "Resin Poor". Under heat and pressure, the resins are cured to form protective covering and mechanical stability. Are characterised by excellent thickness uniformity, good thermal properties high dielectric strength and high tensile strength. 

Silicon Micanite > Mica Tubes
MicaTubes   Mica Tubes are available in different size and lengths. Generally, used as a vital component in manufacturing of resistors, control centers, etc. Tubes can withstand temperatures ranging from 130 to 700 degree Celsius for high voltage applications. Mica tubes are fabricated as per customer specifications and drawings.
Silicon Micanite > Micanite Heat Resisting
MicaniteHeatResisting   Made from mica splittings bonded with shellac or other variety of resins. The percentage of binder content is kept relatively low. These plates are rigid, hard and dense. They possess excellent punching ability to any specified shape and design.
Application: Used for heating elements in electrical appliances, furnace insulation, washers for high temperature applications, heat barriers, etc.

Silicon Micanite > Mica Folium
MicaFolium   Manufactured in continuous rolls comprising of mica splittings bonded with various kind of resins. It is reinforced on one side with kraft paper or other backing material based on required amount of mechanical strength, dielectric strength and flexibility demanded by the applications.
Application : Mainly used in forming tubes, casings and cylinders. Suitable for insulation of bus bars and also used as slot, wrapper, separator and layer insulation in both low and high voltage installations.

Silicon Micanite > Moulding Micanite
MouldingMicanite   Made from mica splittings bonded with modified shellac or other resins. Moulding plates are rigid at room temperature but softens when heated at temperature between 100° to 140°C. They contain relatively high level of binder content to have necessary flexibility for easily moulding into any desired shape upon heating. On cooling, they will regain rigidity and retain the shape of moulded forms.
Application : Are chiefly used for the manufacture of commutator V-rings and cones, end-caps,
channels, angles, bushings, decorative lamp shades, etc.

Silicon Micanite > Flexible Micanite Sheets
FlexibleMicaniteSheets   Made from mica splittings with heat resistive bonding resins and agents. They possess excellent flexibility and permits wrapping or winding of the sheets at room temperature without heating. The sheets may be supplied without reinforcing backings. Flexible Micanite are also reinforced with a protective backing on one or both sides which provides additional mechanical strength, dielectric strength and flexibility.
Application : Particularly suitable where cold wrapping of insulation is required. Used in wrapped insulation of motors, generators and transformers, slot liner, ground insulation, electro-magnetic coils, armature windings, etc.

Silicon Micanite > Macanite VRings
MacaniteVRings   Manufactured from Moulding Micanite in the form of V-Rings or Cones in different shapes and dimensions. V-Rings or Cones are initially cut out of Moulding Micanite sheets. It is then moulded under heat and pressure to match individual specifications with the help of moulds/dies specially prepared for the process. It gives excellent results but is labour intensive having slow production. Application : Specially used as an insulation in commutators of high voltage rotating machines.
Silicon Micanite > Magnetic Tapes
Mica shields   Manufactured in continuous rolls comprising of mica splittings bonded with various resin binders thermally adapting to insulation class. Combination of various supporting or backing materials depending upon requirements and specifications. Reinforcing material provides uniformity, sufficient tensile strength and resistance to abrasion. For numerous applications, tapes made from mica splittings have been replaced and superseded by mica paper based tapes.
Application : Essentially used in coils of motors/generators/transformers, high voltage cables, insulating armature coils, windings of electrical machines, etc. 

Silicon Micanite > Micanite Sheets
MicaniteSheets   Mica sheets are available in different sizes and temperature. There are many uses for Micanite sheets, such as, heat barriers and fabrication of different components as per customer specifications and requirements. These sheets can withstand temperatures ranging up to 900 degrees Celsius.


Mica Shields
MicaShields   Mica Shields are used with flat transparent sight glasses in water and liquid level gauges and columns of high pressure steam boilers. Mica Shield provides protection, retains basic strength and increases service life of sight glasses when used at extreme steam pressure and high working temperature. It is used as an ideal transparent medium for monitoring the liquid level and pressure of steam.