The term Fabricated Mica applies to cutting, stamping and punching of natural sheet mica to a specified size, shape and thickness within close dimensional tolerances for electrical and electronic end-uses. Most of the Fabricated Mica components are custom built against provided specifications and drawings which are subject to change from part to part. The fabrication is performed by using foot or power presses with the help of compound dies/tools. The mica may also be hand-sheared, drilled or lathe-turned. They are produced into innumerable designs each differing in size, pattern, thickness and quality from one another.

The product range :


Mica Shields
Mica shields   Mica Shields are used with flat transparent sight glasses in water and liquid level gauges and columns of high pressure steam boilers. Mica Shield provides protection, retains basic strength and increases service life of sight glasses when used at extreme steam pressure and high working temperature. It is used as an ideal transparent medium for monitoring the liquid level and pressure of steam.
  • Top quality
  • Excellent for commercial uses
  • Precision punched
  • Available in customer specified sizes, thickness and shapes

Used for :-

  • Liquid & water-level gauges of steam boilers
  • HP boiler gauge glass kits, etc.
Mica Discs
Mica shields   Mica Disc provides the best protection to circular viewport glasses and perfect visibility for checking the degree of combustion and liquid level in high pressure steam boilers. It is also used in breathing apparatus, communication devices, fuses, geiger counters, broadband waveplates for optical instruments, etc.

Application Areas :-

  • Liquid level indicators
  • Breathing apparatus
  • Communication devices
  • Fuses and other end products
Mica Insulators
Mica shields   Precision punched mica parts according to specific shapes and dimensions are used as mounting washers and reliable insulators in power transistors, diodes, IC's, heat sinks, rectifiers and other semiconductor devices. It helps the semiconductors to be insulated from the chassis, dissipate the heat away and keeps them cool.
  • Designed by experienced technocrats
  • Fabricated from premium quality mica
  • Available in various sizes
  • Can also be made as per clients’
    • demands

    Uses :-Used in all types of appliances

    Mica Spacers
    Mica shields   In the form of bridges or spacers, it is used in radio and television vacuum tubes. These spacers serves
    to hold the tube elements in position, insulated from each other and at uniform distances.
    Wrapper Mica
    Mica shields   Mica Wrapper is wrapped or rolled into tube forms that are eventually placed over the soldering iron
    electrodes. It plays vital role to eliminate physical contact between the resistance wire and copper bit
    ensuring dependable service life.
    Corrugated or Crimped Mica
    Mica shields   Corrugated or Crimped Mica is prepared by passing through a specially designed rolling machine. It is supplied in the form of vertically corrugated ribs and mainly used in wrapping the soldering iron 
    electrodes. It plays important role to eliminate physical contact between the resistance wire and copper bit ensuring dependable service life.
    Window Mica or Isinglass
    Mica shields   Owing to high transparency, flatness and thermal endurance, Mica is used as viewing windows for
    kerosene stoves, wood stoves, petromax lamps, furnaces and fireplaces.
    Mica Washer
    Mica shields   Natural Mica Washers are circular punched and stamped natural mica parts with round openings in the center suitable for electrical and electronic applications. Such natural mica washers can also be bonded into considerable lengths with shellac, epoxy or silicone binders to form a solid roll which is then called Bonded Mica Washers. Maximum use is in railways and grid resistors.

    Application Area :-

    • Electronic industry
    • Electronic end users
    Microscope Research Mica
    Mica shields  

    Microscope Mica of superior high quality in extremely thin sheets having an outstanding even surfaces and uniform layers, transparent, scratch-free are suitably used in MICROSCOPE SLIDES for scientific research in laboratories. In this particular application only the thinnest mica, exposing 'virgin' mica upon each peeling, precision punched to specified size and thickness are used. They are mounted above the eyepiece of the microscope in such a way that the large mirror and a small prism bring the transparent objects sandwitched between mica into the same view.

    Mica Strainer Core
    Mica shields  

    Metal casting foundries pour their melts through Mica Strainer Core to eliminate impurities and control the pour rate. Mica Strainer Core having 22 to 148 holes acts both as a choke and strainer during pour. MICA STRAINER CORES are suitably used by metal casting foundries for brass ,bronze and aluminium sand castings as well as ,for some smaller ferrous castings to pour their melts through mica strainer cores to catch impurities and control the pour rate. MICA STRAINER CORES acts both as a choke and strainer during puor helps to eliminate gating costs, dross, contamination, reduces polishing belt costs, and also, and also produces a better and brighter castings. MICA STRAINER CORES can easily be placed over the sprue hole,no recess needed,and provide easy excess to skim off with 100% metal recovery in remelt. The are a thin,inorganic ,non-conteminating non-moisture absorbent material which provide easy handling and storing.

    Backing Mica
    Mica shields   Small cut parts of mica are effectively used as backing plate on both top and bottom sides of mica
    capacitors to give mechanical strength and rigidity.
    Condensor Mica
    Mica shields   Superior quality mica films with specified size and shape are screen printed with silver paste to be used as an electrode in the manufacturing of mica capacitors. The accuracy lies in precise thickness, clean-cut edges and flawless quality.
    Quality Mica
    Mica shields   Quality Mica ,The Quality Mica offered by us, is highly acclaimed among the buyers due to its superior quality and reliable performance.
    Thin Mica
    Mica shields   Thin Mica films are wrapped around the flat part of copper. It plays a vital role in avoiding short circuits and heat transfer prevention during the operation of instruments. Cut condenser films are the means for long term reliability and cost effectiveness.

    Application Areas :-

    • Used in manufacturing of silver mica plates used in mica capacitors
    • Used in electronic field
    • Manufacturing of capacitors
    • Bridge-spacers in electronic valves


    High Grade Mica
    Mica shields   Hi-Grade Mica we are in development of  Grade V2, 25 x 25mm ,The Grade Mica offered by us, is highly acclaimed among the buyers due to its superior quality, reliable and performance.
    Mica Transitor
    Mica shields   The Electronics Industries has a great use of Mica washers and insulators for both electrical and heat insulation. These various shapes of transistor Mica can increase the efficiency of products due to the excellent properties of Mica.
    • Improved efficiency
    • Suitable for both electrical and heat insulation
    • Prevent excessive heat
    • Available in various shapes
    • Reflects excellent properties of mica
    Proposed Mica  Mica Thins
    Mica shields   Knife or scissor dressed sheet mica with irregular shape having a specified thickness range between 0.05 to 0.18 mm (0.002~0.007 inch or 2~7 mils) are classified as Mica Thins. It is used to manufacture various kinds of fabricated mica.
    • Top quality pieces of mica blocks
    • Used in different industrial segments
    • Ideal for meeting manufacturing demands
    • Available in small and bulk
    • quantity

    Thickness Range : Between 2 mils to 7 mils

    Proposed Mica Mica Films
    Mica shields   Knife or scissor dressed sheet mica with irregular shape and a minimum thickness of 0.18 mm (0.007
    inch or 7 mils) are called Mica Blocks. Block Mica are classified into thirteen size groups (ranging from
    OOEE Special down to No. 7) and obtained in size as large as 30 - 35 cm sq. (12 - 14 inches sq.) beyond
    which is practically rare and far too expensive. It is available in sheets with both random (natural) and calibrated thickness as per demand. After undergoing size and quality grading, Mica Blocks are
    Proposed Mica Splitting
    Mica shields  

    Laminae split from mica blocks and mica thins where the combined thickness of ten sheets taken together does not exceed 0.30 mm (0.012 inch or 12 mils) are classified as Mica Splitting. Splitting Mica is chiefly used in the manufacture of micanite or built-up mica products for ultimate use as an insulating material. It is available in "Loose Form" and "Book Form" types. Mica has nearly perfect basal cleavage which permits it to be split into thinnest sheets, as low as, .0002 to .0003 inches without any crack or breakage, which in turn helped it to maintain a position of paramount importance as an insulating material.