• Product name:
    Deep fryer thermostat
  • The applicable scope:
    It is widely applicable for various deep fryer.
  • Description:
    The electrical parameter: 125VAC 15AMP 250VAC 12AMP.
    Temperature setting range: 60-200?.
    Max. service temperature: 250?.
    Temperature allowable error range: ±5%?.
    Reset temperature: 5-30?.
    Service life: ?100,000 times. 
    Size & contour: the outline dimension may be changed according to the customer’s requirements;


Deep fryer thermostat
TST820-021 TST820-1065 TST820-009 TST820-020-2
TST820-020 TST820-021 TST820-1017 TST820-1045
TST820-1065 TST820-118 TST820-248